Afghanistan Sguardi e Analisi

Afghanistan Sguardi e Analisi

Afghanistan: Sguardi e analisi" è un progetto aperto finalizzato a comprendere e discutere le ragioni - e le possibili soluzioni - dei conflitti afghani.

mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

CeMiSS - Quarterly Summer 2012 - Tactical mistakes and strategic consequences: the example of the afghan local police

di Claudio Bertolotti

Stato Maggiore della Difesa


Quarterly Summer Afghan theater 

Tactical mistakes and strategic consequences: the example of the afghan local police

The undefined problem of the Afghan Local Police
Several media reported that allegations of abuse mount against the Afghan Local Police created in 2010 under the initiative of the General David Petraeus, at that time ISAF Commander, in areas where the Afghan National Security Forces were not able to keep control and establish security. It was a crucial aspect of the counter-insurgency doctrine, which advocated the use of local militias as a way of winning «hearts and minds» (leit motiv of the counterinsurgency theory); in other words a security organization described as «community watch with AK-47s». After two years the 20,000-person Afghan Local Police forces have repeatedly been accused of perpetrating abuses, including rapes and murders; furthermore Afghan Local Police members have periodically demanded bribes, skimmed money from contracts and committed atrocities.... read more

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  1. Excellent article! I received a clear idea on what is going on with the Afghan Police .
    I really wish that the so pessimistic conclusions of the article are not … too pessimistic!
    Despite all this, I hope that a strong effort performed by the local government in synergy with the international community, in order to ameliorate the quality of the general instruction and improving the level (and number) of the students (male and female!), together with a strong media campaign, should accelerate the process of democratization of the country.
    The self consciousness of the citizens is growing up day by day, thus making difficult certain negative episodes to happen. It is vital, therefore, that the int. community effort are continuing to be funded, even considering the additional sacrifice for the various national economies, in this very particular moment of crisis.

    all the best, Claudio!
    Edgardo Maltese